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Invest in Vertically Integrated Healthcare Services, from Plant to Patient to Manage Type 2 Diabetes using cannabis derived pharmaceuticals and an international network of community clinics and dispensing pharmacies.

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logo Introduction:

Restructured in 2018 through merger and consolidation, Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited is a holding company who through operating subsidiaries intends to own and operate a network of pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories, farming operations, community clinic and dispensing pharmacies focused on providing vertically integrated healthcare solutions in partnership with national healthcare systems.

The Company’s focus is on creating healthcare solutions with a specific focus on the use of cannabinoids to manage a broad range of health conditions, both generically and through our proprietary formulations. We are focused on establishing farming operations and pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories using specific strains of the cannabis sativa plant and other cannabinoids as a base element in the range of products produced and sold. Our goal is to research, produce, and distribute products around the globe that target and treat; diabetes, cancer, pain, autoimmune, psychological, neurological, and sleep disorders. These categories include conditions that affect hundreds of millions of patients worldwide.

The initial products that Phoenix Life intends to manufacture and distribute is Phoenix Metabolic. Extracted from specific strains of cannabis sativa, Phoenix Metabolic has been developed to provide a safe, non-toxic and efficacious way to manage blood sugar levels and diabetic complications. This is based on mounting levels of data supporting the use of cannabinoids in the management of diabetes and clinical experience of Phoenix Life’s U.S. Diabetes Director.

We plan to build an integrated healthcare organization by creating products and programs using emerging biological products such as cannabinoid plant extracts. We intend to deliver these programs through managed agriculture, pharmaceutical production, physician education and national networks of community clinic and dispensing pharmacies, combined with wholesale and distribution networks. Leading formulators have developed a range of pharmaceutical-grade products from the cannabis plant. The Company will utilize its intellectual property in extraction technology, proprietary compounds, delivery systems, and distribution to produce high-quality products in terms of control, consistency, accountability, and packaging.

We anticipate that our delivery systems will include oral soft gel capsules, thin film dissolvable strips, transdermal patches, sublingual oral sprays, suppositories and topical creams.

Dr. Santus Warir

"Having worked directly with the local hospitals and healthcare clinics in Vanuatu, I have seen first-hand how prominent the country’s diabetes epidemic has become and the need for citizens to have a more accessible, safe and affordable alternative treatment to address the disease."

— Dr. Santus Wari, National Head of Healthcare in the Republic of Vanuatu for Phoenix Life Sciences International, Limited

Extracted from specific strains of cannabis sativa, Phoenix Metabolic has been developed to provide a safe, non-toxic and efficacious way to manage blood sugar levels and diabetic complications.

logo Operations

Our Expansion Plans

The Company intends to expand through the creation of a Global Production Facility in the South Pacific located within the Republic of Vanuatu for the cultivation, extraction and infusion of cannabis based pharmaceutical products. Initially focused on Phoenix Metabolic and the management of diabetes, the Company’s immediate expansion plans center around products and programs for the management of type 2 diabetes. Phoenix Life intends to work with leading researchers to publish the results of randomized, controlled, double blind clinical trials to prove the safety and efficacy of Phoenix Metabolic in the management of type 2 diabetes.

As a result of the changing global conditions for the sale and distribution of legally produced cannabis, combined with the greater acceptance by medical professionals and government regulators, Phoenix Life intends to provide a fast track for patient access programs, while running in parallel with expanding the supporting clinical data.

Further, leveraging on the Phoenix Life product portfolio, we intend to scale up production from the Republic of Vanuatu to provide safe and legal access to countries worldwide of a broad range of products derived from the cannabis plant and produced in the organic and equatorial growing conditions unique to Vanuatu.

Our Initial Vanuatu Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Laboratory and Farming Operations

The Company entered into an intent to a lease for 500 acres, as a pilot facility. Further the Company is currently in negotiations with the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu to provide a lease on 5,000 acres for scalable global supply. Although we are confident in being successful in securing the 5,000 acres, our forecasts for the next five (5) years can be achieved on the first 500 acres.

The initial property will include farming operations, up to 250 acres, while providing a site for the location of a 50,000 square foot industrial space for the creation of a manufacturing laboratory and production facility on the island of Santo, in the Republic of Vanuatu. The facility will include a fully-equipped laboratory for the development, production, packaging, distribution and sale of various cannabinoid-infused products, most specifically Phoenix Metabolic and several generic medical cannabis products for doctors’ prescription. We intend for the facility to provide the capability to service up to 1,000,000 patients per year. See “Properties” below.

The manufacturing laboratory and production facility will be designed to include office space, a demonstration area, laboratories, and production area, along with distribution and storage. Conference rooms are also planned for onsite training. The laboratory area will include clean rooms for extraction and infusion of cannabinoids into the medical and pharmaceutical products. The laboratories will be designed for expansion as market conditions and demand continues to grow.

Upon commencing operations, raw plant materials will be sourced from the farming operations. After arrival at the laboratory, the plants will be processed, and the active ingredients extracted into a highly refined oil format. This cannabinoid rich extract is what will be used as the primary compound in the medical and pharmaceutical products, including Phoenix Metabolic. Clinical-grade extraction technology includes proprietary processes and state-of-the-art equipment, such as centrifuges, filters, and evaporators.

Specialized pharmaceutical production equipment shall be used for blending, infusion, and filling of these healthcare products. Our professional chemists, botanists, and biologist will manage infusion of the active ingredient into our specialized and targeted delivery systems, which include; oral soft gel capsules, thin film dissolvable strips, and sublingual oral sprays.

All products will be stored in the secure distribution area in preparation for delivery to the national healthcare systems, community clinics and dispensing pharmacies, as well as other healthcare providers and other medical retail locations. When completed, the laboratory and production facility will have the capacity for global delivery fulfillment through international export, as well as servicing the Vanuatu market. All products will be tracked and securely manifested for delivery to retail and medical offices for distribution.

Based on the projected amount of raw materials to be produced by the farming operations and the capability of the extraction equipment, the facility is anticipated to process 75,000 lbs (34,000 kg] of raw material per month, which equates to 7,500 lbs (3,400 kg) of extract per month, or enough active ingredients to service one million (1,000,000) diabetes patients annually.

We believe that we are positioned to earn revenue through the sales of products through supplying products and services to national healthcare systems, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, ecommerce and our community clinic and dispensing pharmacy network and leveraging the high margins created between being a pharmaceutical producer, growing and manufacturing in equatorial developing national and being part of the world’s fastest growing industry – medical cannabis.

Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations.

In Vanuatu the Phoenix Life team are working with the Prime Minister and various agencies in the Goverment to fast track access programs and Phoenix Life’s expansion.

Martin Tindall

Martin Tindall

President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director

Tindall has an extensive career in large scale organizational change. His career focus has been in the integration of technology with international trade and finance. Initially trained in accounting and commercial and company law, he has held various roles including Chief Information Officer at Bartercard, Executive Director of Kronos International Investments and particularly enjoyed environmental projects that deliver sustainability.

He has served on many international advisory boards including his current position. Today Tindall continues to drive the vision of Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited, while maintaining a hands on focus to business operations and government liaison.

Janelle Marsden

Janelle Marsden

Managing Director and Director

Marsden has held senior roles across many industry sectors. Trained at a master’s level in construction, architecture and finance, she has been awarded senior roles over the past 20 years in both the public and private sector. Having lived in Australia, U.S. and Italy, Marsden has worked on large scale implementation projects and managed large agriculture developments. Marsden’s skills include agricultural grow, product implementation, organization and marketing. She has been the chair and board member of tourism, economic development and food and wine entities and has demonstrated her ability to drive and grow industries from the ground up. Marsden will also directly over see the infrastructure developments and ensure that Phoenix continues to meet its environmental, financial, timely and quality outcome.

Geoff Boynton

Geoff Boynton

Chief Financial Officer and Director

Boynton has worked as a CFO for more than 20 years across a range of industries including horticulture and health care and is trained in both science and business. He has also had experience in mergers and acquisitions and been involved in a number of IPO’s and secondary raisings. More recently Boynton has been actively involved with bringing Pacific Island guest workers to Australia, mainly from Vanuatu, to work on farms which has had great outcomes for both the workers, their communities and also organizations that employ them, which he is very proud of.

Michael Gobel

Michael Gobel


Gobel holds a Master’s degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University in Sydney and has more than three decades of experience in the finance industry. He serves as Company Director and Portfolio Manager, managing investments and associated risk in local and overseas equity markets. Additionally, Gobel currently serves as a consultant on economic developments and major projects while also representing a variety of interests to federal ministers and senior government advisors. Michael is on a number of Boards including as Deputy Chairman of an Australian Bank, assisting in guiding the company’s corporate governance and strategy, ensuring best practices and encouraging a culture of proactive risk management.

Stephen Cornford

Stephen Cornford


Cornford has had a career for over 30 years in finance and investment. His previous roles allow him to ensure that the financial audit and compliance requirements are met. Cornford is based in Australia and has held positions at Chief Executive Officer, most recently of Austlend Financial Solutions. His passion is to see our world live a healthy and more sustainable future.

Lewis Humer

Lewis Humer


With international experience in over 30 countries, and thousands of companies Humer brings the business systems to ensure strategic and sustainable growth. He has a long list of business achievements demonstrating quantum leaps in profitability and business performance. As an entrepreneurial advisor consultant and turn around expert Humer will bring the systems to ensure Phoenix can continue to achieve its global platform in improving the health for all.

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